License Processing in Xiamen City, China

If you are planning to start a business in China, you should take into account that some scopes of business require one or more additional licenses. One of the most popular license types is a permission for import and export activity.

The licenses are processed when the company registration procedures are completed. The timescale for license processing, the set of documents required, and time of application may vary, depending on the exact type of license.

The Price and Timescale of Import - Export License in Xiamen

Price: 3000 RMB (458 USD); price already includes taxes and two IC cards;

Timescale: 14 working days.

The Price and Timescale of Other Types of Licenses in Xiamen

Price: from 2500 RMB (381 USD);

Exact price and timescale depend on license type.

Other Services Related To License Processing in China

In some cases, obtaining a license may require some changes in company’s statute or business license, for example changes in scope of business or business address;

The price of changes in company’s statute is 800 RMB (122 USD) /per change.

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