Document Certified Translation in China

Yufu company is one of the biggest certified translation companies in China, specializing in document translation. We offer translation services of all kinds of documents, including: passports, diplomas, non-criminal records checks, birth and marriage certificates, business registration documents, driving licenses, health check statements, etc. Yufu company’s document translation meets all requirements of Peoples Republic of China and is accepted by all government institutions within China.

Requirements for Document Translation in China

If you are planning to submit your documents to any government or official institution in China, be prepared to provide documents’ certified translation into Chinese language.

  • Your document should be translated into Chinese language by a certified translation company;
  • The copy of translation should be accompanied by the special seal for translations, translator’s certificate, translator’s signature, translation company’s business license and its official seal;
  • In China, notarization of document translation is not required.

Cost of Document Certified Translation into Chinese Language

The cost of translation may vary depending on the original language and type of document (or the amount of words). Using the table below, you can calculate the cost of your order by yourself or simply send us your document by email for a quote.

Type of document / Language
  • English
  • Russian
  • Spanish
  • German
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Italian
  • Arabic
  • Ukrainian
  • Polish
  • Turkish
  • ID card / passport;
  • Driving license
80 RMB / 12 USD100 RMB / 15 USD110 RMB / 16 USD130 RMB / 19.8 USD
  • Birth certificate;
  • Marriage certificate
100 RMB / 15 USD140 RMB / 21 USD160 RMB / 24 USD200 RMB / 30.5 USD
  • Diploma;
  • Qualification proof certificate
150 RMB / 22.9 USD210 RMB / 32 USD240 RMB / 36.6 USD300 RMB / 45.8 USD
  • Non-criminal record check;
  • Medical check statement;
  • Business license
200 RMB / 30.5 USD250 RMB / 38 USD300 RMB / 45.8 USD350 RMB / 53.4 USD
  • Other documents (up to 100 words)
80 RMB / 12 USD100 RMB / 15 USD110 RMB / 16 USD130 RMB / 19.8 USD
  • Other documents (up to 200 words)
100 RMB / 15 USD140 RMB / 21 USD160 RMB / 24 USD200 RMB / 30.5 USD
  • Other documents (up to 300 words)
150 RMB / 22.9 USD210 RMB / 32 USD240 RMB / 36.6 USD300 RMB / 45.8 USD
  • Other documents (up to 500 words)
200 RMB / 30.5 USD250 RMB / 38 USD300 RMB / 45.8 USD350 RMB / 53.4 USD

In some cases, VAT of 6% may be added to your order’s value. The prices listed are the prices for one original copy of the translation; the cost of each additional copy is 10 RMB (1.5 USD).

Express mail service is available all over China for 30 RMB (4.5 USD). The cost of express mail service to any other country depends on the exact destination.

Urgent Service of Document Certified Translation into Chinese

  • Currently our company provides certified translation into Chinese from 18 foreign languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Arabic, Turkish, Russian, etc.
  • Any order is performed within 24 hours (up to 5 pages).
  • The original copy of document translation is sent to you by express mail to any corner of China or abroad.
  • Document translation is accompanied by all required seals and certificates.

Procedure of Document Certified Translation Service

  1. Send the scan of the documents to be translated to our;
  2. Please mention if you need an official Chinese invoice; if yes, then provide your company name in Chinese;
  3. Mention the address of translation receipt, including the name and contact number of the recipient;
  4. We will calculate the exact cost of service and the deadline;
  5. You can choose your preferred method of payment: Alipay, PayPal, WeChat, credit card payment in RMB or USD;
  6. We will start to work on your translation right after payment completion;
  7. When translation is completed, the document is sent to you by express mail;
  8. The original copy of translation reaches you within 48 – 72 hours.

Format of Document Translation into Chinese

  1. Original text’s translation, including the content of seals and comments, into Chinese;
  2. Each page with translation is stamped by the special seal for translation and translator’s signature;
  3. Translation is accompanied by the copy of original document, translator’s certificate with the company’s seal, company’s business license with the company’s official seal;
  4. The whole document is stamped by the seal for translation once again.

Document Certified Translation from Chinese into Other Languages

Yufu company also provides document translation from Chinese language into other foreign languages. However in different countries there may be different requirements for documents translation. In some countries the translation made by any foreign certified translation company is accepted, some accept only translations done by the local companies, and some additionally require notarization of translations. Requirements for translated documents may vary not only on country, but also on the institution you submit your documents to.

If you wish to order document translation from Chinese into foreign language, the cost of service, timescale, and procedure are similar to the document translation into Chinese.

If you have any questions regarding document translation service or you wish to order the service, you may whether send us an email, or do it directly via our company’s booking system.

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