Company Registration in Hong Kong

Yufu company offers a company registration service in Hong Kong and its annual maintenance.

The service of company registration in Hong Kong includes:

  • Legal address and secretary
  • Business registration tax
  • Business secretary service (answers to phone calls and emails)
  • Accounting services

Cost and Timescale of Company Registration in Hong Kong

Cost: 7600 RMB (1160USD), the first year of company maintenance is included in the registration price.

Timescale: 14 working days.

When the company registration in Hong Kong is completed, the set of your company’s documents may be sent to you by express mail or handed over to you personally at our office.

Please note: any express mail fees are not included in the cost of service.

Cost of Hong Kong Company Annual Maintenance

Service fee: 1500 RMB (230 $) / year; government fees are not included into price.

Hong Kong company annual support service includes:

  • Legal address and secretary service;
  • Business secretary service (receiving emails and phone calls);
  • Accounting services (annual report submission).

Corporate Bank Account Set Up for Hong Kong Company

Taking into account that corporate bank account opening in the banks of Hong Kong for newly registered companies is very complicated, Yufu company offers the service of corporate account opening in Latvia (EU).

Currently, if your company meets all requirements, it is possible to open a corporate bank account for Hong Kong company in Latvian banks. Due to the reason, that the application for corporate account opening is considered only once, we offer you all related consultations and support for successful solution. Experience shows the possibility of successful corporate bank account opening with professional assistance increases from 60% to 99.99%.

Procedure and Cost of Corporate Bank Account Opening, When You Already Have a Company in Hong Kong

  1. Applicant receives the 17 pages form by email;
  2. Applicant sends us back the filled in form, copy of passport, and Hong Kong company’s documents by email;
  3. After analyzing the form, we will inform you of any mistakes and provide consultation on how to fix it;
  4. We send the documents to the bank, makes relevant corrections, arrange a meeting with the bank;
  5. The director of Hong Kong company should come to the Latvia personally for two working days for the document submission and other formalities;
  6. Within 14 working days after document submission, the applicant receives an email, containing the information about the bank’s final decision.

Service fee: 5000 RMB (763 $); bank fees and other expenses are not included into the service fee.

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