Foreign Invested Company Registration in China, Xiamen City

Yufu Company offers foreign invested company registration services in Xiamen city, Fujian province, China. The service includes:

  • Obtaining of foreign invested company formation permit;
  • Obtaining of business license;
  • Seal carving, two pieces: official company seal and seal for the bank operations;
  • Corporate bank account opening in China (if you use our accounting services).

Cost of Company Registration and Bank Account Opening in China

The cost of company registration is 8500 RMB (1297 USD); the price includes: company registration, one time registration tax, carving of two seals and corporate bank account opening.

An advance payment of 5000 RMB (763 USD) must be paid upon signing of the contract and its attachments. The remaining amount of 3500 RMB (534 USD) shall be paid when the foreign invested company formation permit is obtained.

The number of shareholders, amount of registered capital, and scope of company’s activity do not influence the price of company registration service.

Additional Expenses Related to Legal Entity Registration in China

Many people ask what kind of expenses may occur in the preliminary stages of establishing a Chinese company. The obligatory expenses are:

  • Office rental fee;
  • Accountant services expenses;
  • Bank charges when opening the bank account.

The Documents Required for Foreign Invested Company Registration in China

  • Copy of shareholder / shareholders passports;
  • Registration documents (for legal entities only);
  • Legal and business address / addresses of the future company.

Terms of company registration in Xiamen, China

  • The full process of company registration in China takes approximately 30 days from the moment of receiving all required information from the shareholders of the future company;
  • The process of bank account opening in China takes approximately 15 working days from the moment of obtaining all required documents;
  • If the shareholder or shareholders are not in Xiamen during the process of company registration, it may take longer due to time spent sending original documents.

Detailed description of the process

  1. When the contract is signed by both parties, you will receive an attachment which must be filled in, signed, and sent back to us by email or submitted in person at our office.
  2. Your company will be registered in accordance with the information provided by you in attachment. The information should contain basic information of the future company, including preferred name of the company, scope of business, invested capital, names of the shareholders, etc.
  3. During the process of registration, you will receive sets of documents to be signed. The documents may be signed in our office or signed and sent to us by express mail. Investors’ personal presence is not required during the process of company registration in China.
  4. When the process of company registration is completed and the accounting services agreement is signed, the process of corporate bank account opening may begin. During bank account opening, personal presence of company’s legal representative is required.
  5. When the process of company registration is completed, you will receive a set of the company’s documents, including two seals which can be picked up at our office or couriered to a specified address.

Advantages of Company Registration in China

Here cannot provide an exhaustive list of the benefits of the Chinese market, but we can mention benefits that are related to in one way or another to company formation in China, including:

  • No minimal requirements for invested capital;
  • No obligation to hire local employees;
  • Loyal taxation system;
  • Unrestricted ability to open corporate bank accounts in China;
  • Ability to obtain residence permits in China for investors and their family members.

Advantages of Company Registration in Xiamen city, China

Main advantages of business registration and operation in Xiamen are as follows:

  • Less strict requirements regarding enterprise business address;
  • Cheaper prices for office rent and accommodation in general;
  • Cheaper human resources compared with big cities;
  • Lower prices for consulting, accounting, and other services.

Other Services Related to Business Setup in Xiamen

You can also take advantages of additional services, which are not included into company registration service fee, but might be useful for you.

  • Accounting services in Xiamen: 800 RMB (122 USD) / month (on condition of zero turnover);
  • Address in Xiamen city: 3000 RMB (458 USD) / year;
  • Import – export license processing: 3000 RMB (458 USD);;
  • Other licenses processing: from 2500 RMB (381 USD);
  • Additional seals carving: 600 RMB (91 USD) / piece.
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