Accounting Services in Xiamen City, China

You can make use of the following services:

  • Accounting support service;
  • VAT refund;
  • Accounting consultations;
  • Chinese partner / company information verification.

Accounting support service includes:

  • Monthly report submission;
  • Quarterly report submission;
  • Annual report submission;
  • Registration of new employees at the tax bureau.

Cost of Accounting Services in Xiamen city, China

Small scale company: from 800 RMB (122 USD) / month;

General taxpayer: from 1100 RMB (168 USD) / month;

VAT return: 3000 RMB (305 USD) / month, includes up to 3 returns;

Accounting consultations in English up to 4 hours a month.

Chinese Company Information Verification

It sometimes occurs that a Chinese partner is not who they claim to be. When the partner offers a very low price or some exceptionally favorable conditions of cooperation, these are reasons to be cautious. If you have the slightest doubt, it is better to check the company he represents. This may help you avoid monetary loss or problems with the law.

Company information verification can easily reveal whether it is safe to do business with them or not. A company verification check will demonstrate if the company still exists or has been liquidated, if the company has rights to do business within certain scopes of activity or not, financial reputation, and a company’s authorized capital, which is also an important factor for credibility, and other useful information.

It quite often happens that the company really exists, but the person you negotiate with has nothing to do with the company. After performing a Chinese company information verification, you will get the name of company’s legal representative, the company’s legal address, and contact information, so you can contact the office directly and check if they are informed about your existence or not. In other words, Chinese company information verification is an exceptionally useful service.

Using the service you will get the following information:

  • Company’s real status;
  • Names of the company’s owner / owners;
  • The name of legal representative;
  • Company’s authorized capital;
  • Company’s legal address and other contact information;
  • Company’s approved scopes of business;
  • Company’s financial reputation;
  • Annual report (only if available).

To perform this service you may send the name of the company in Chinese or the company registration number.

All available information is sent to you in English language in word format by email.

Cost of service: 990 RMB / 151 USD

Timescale: 2 working days

About Financial Accounts in China

In compliance with the China’s tax law, the accountancy of the company may be performed by a local licensed accounting company or by a private accountant, but only in case he or she has the relevant permits and over three years of work experience in this field.

Foreign invested companies in China are obliged to keep accounting books, to submit accounting reports, and conform to the financial and taxation institutions monitoring.

If a foreign invested enterprise in China refuses to keep accounting books, then financial and taxation institutions may impose a fine, and The Chamber of Commerce and Industry may ask you to cease business activity with the further cancellation of the business license.

Foreign invested enterprises in China are obliged to go through a registration process at the tax bureau within 30 days after the date of business registration. The date of foreign invested enterprise registration is the date of business license issuance.

The financial year in China starts the 1st of January and ends on 31th of December of the Gregorian calendar.

All financial documents, accounting books, and reports must be in Chinese language; in case the original language of the documentation is in another language, a Chinese version needs to be provided in addition.

Foreign invested enterprises are obliged to keep accounting books in an accessible place in case of financial or taxation institution checks.

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